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Feb 22, 2007

F.A.Q.: Reconsolidation Student Loan 2007

I'm browsing thru Federal Consolidation Loan FAQ and just making notes of what not to forget...OK, let's see:

What is a Citibank Federal Consolidation Loan?
A Citibank Federal Consolidation Loan combines several existing federal student loans into one new loan. You can enjoy the convenience of lower monthly payments, a single fixed interest rate and one monthly payment.

How can I consolidate my loan with the grace rate?

You have the option of consolidating your loan during your grace period and taking advantage of a rate as low as 3.50%. It is important to remember that you must indicate the month and year of your grace end date in #26 on the Consolidation Loan application if you would like to hold the processing of your Consolidation Loan until the end of your six-month grace period. The rates in effect at the time that you apply for your Consolidation Loan will be used in the weighted average calculation to determine the rate on your Consolidated Loan.

Will the reduced interest rate that I am receiving due to borrower benefits on my existing loans be used to calculate the fixed interest rate on my new Consolidation Loan?

No. Interest rate reductions received as borrower benefits on existing loans will not be considered when determining the applicable interest rate on your consolidation loan. For example, if the applicable rate on your existing loans is 6.80%, but you were receiving interest rate reductions as a borrower benefit that reduced the interest rate to 5.80%, the interest rate used to calculate your new Consolidation Loan will be 6.80%.

How can I find out what my Consolidation Loan payment will be?
To estimate what your payments and total amount of interest paid may look like, input various interest rates into our Loan Consolidation Calculator. After your application has been approved, the disclosure and monthly account statement will include your exact payment amount and interest rate.

Can I consolidate my loans while I am attending school? (!!! - NB)
If you are currently a full- or half-time student, you can apply for a Consolidation Loan upon graduation. For loans disbursed prior to July 1, 2006, the interest rate during the grace period is 0.60% lower than the Stafford repayment rate. By consolidating while you are in grace, you will have the opportunity to secure a lower interest rate and start paying down your student loans.

Can I get an in-school deferment on my Consolidation Loan? (!!! - DONT FORGET TO ASK ZEE !!)
If you are attending school at least half-time you will be eligible for an in-school deferment on your Consolidation Loan. Keep in mind that you will need to begin repaying your Consolidation Loan immediately upon graduating, withdrawing, or dropping to less than half-time enrollment status. Citibank offers a special Consolidation Loan four-month Lender Option forbearance that may be considered to help you ease into repayment.